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2023 Dixie Deer Classic - March 3-5 (DDC#3)

Booth C-10
Dixie Deer Classic attendance was a little low (beautiful weather outside, has always been an attendance killer)
But overall we had a great time, good response and wonderful ticket sales.
Many many vendors contributed to the door prize selection.
Also several new relationships were formed and looks like we'll have another great year at the Bladen county event!

Our First Dixie Deer Classic!

We secured a booth at the Dixie Deer Classic!!
Attendance was down slightly but raffle tickets sold well. Lifetime Sportsman License was won by Matthew Dement.
Vendor response and support with fantastic. Booth neighbors for the show Eric and Nick of Deep Woods Projext an outfitter in Ohio (Offered a deer hunt as a raffle item. (Later cancelled due to pandemic)
The 4th Bladen County Aim For A Cure is later canceled as Covid continues to spread...

3rd Bladen Aim For A Cure

In 2019, we were on fire! (Yes, it was hot!!!) Even with buying the target range this year, a record turnout
helped donate over $13,000! We've now reached a 3 year total of over $32,000

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